We build great companies in order to make a dramatic difference for patients


We take a long-term approach to company building, creating a portfolio of companies with the potential to make a dramatic difference in patients’ lives. Our unique Discover, Launch, Build process brings together the best inside and outside experts, allocates capital and resources based on where an idea or company is in its development and provides our companies with the support necessary to advance novel therapies, devices and diagnostics.


Our Discovery effort is a highly selective process of constant refinement, where a pipeline of unique projects are identified and improved until they are ready to become game-changing companies. Every project starts with a bold idea. Then the challenge of bringing together the science with the business, operational and medical realities begins. For each project, we put together multi-disciplinary teams of our people, leading scientific founders and expert advisors. We vet the opportunity and competitive landscape with industry partners, and we explore opportunities to build companies from the ground up together with large biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as strategic partners from the venture community. Projects are refined through nearly a dozen reviews of the vision, science, people, business and R&D plans and go through at least four “go or no go” decisions.


Once an idea has made it through Discovery, we launch the company with a significant Series A commitment to ensure it has the resources to reach milestones critical for its success and development. We tranche that investment to mitigate risk along the way. We serve in interim leadership roles for the first 12-18 months as we build out an industry-leading team, execute on the company’s business and R&D plans and foster a culture that provides the company with a strong foundation. We continue to explore collaborations with big biotech and pharma companies, as well as other venture capital firms that bring strategic value and strengthen the company.


Then, we build on that foundation, transitioning out of our interim leadership roles as we put in place rock star management teams. We bring to bear the vast experience, expertise and network of our team and across our portfolio to help our companies succeed. Management teams can tap into our network of experts across disciplines, including science, medicine, business, healthcare economics and regulatory strategy. Our partner development team leverages our relationships with decision-makers in pharma to support business development efforts across our portfolio. Our strategy team serves as an advisory resource around critical business development, financial and operational decisions. Our Beyond Great leadership program provides our portfolio leaders with a peer-to-peer network, as well as tools and resources focused on shared elements of building transformational companies. We build great companies together, with our portfolio leaders, scientific founders, advisors and industry partners.