Leading a renaissance in kidney disease treatment

Goldfinch Bio is a biotechnology company that is singularly focused on discovering and developing precision therapies for patients with kidney disease. Just as the goldfinch has long been a symbol of healing and renewal and was a prominent figure of the Renaissance, Goldfinch Bio is leading a new age of therapeutic discovery to transform the treatment paradigm for people with kidney disease.

Year Invested: 2016
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
Visit: www.goldfinchbio.com

Recent News

December 10, 2018
Frank S. Czerwiec, M.D., Ph.D. Joins Goldfinch Bio as Chief Medical Officer

October 29, 2018
Goldfinch Bio Announces GFB-887 As Clinical Development Candidate And Presents Data Demonstrating Selective Inhibition Of TRPC5 For The Treatment Of Genetically-Driven Kidney Disease

October 5, 2018
Goldfinch Bio to Present Data on Trpc5 Inhibitor for Proteinuric Kidney Disease and Its Kidney Genome Atlas for Identification of Novel Targets

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Associated Team Members

Philip Reilly, M.D., J.D.
Venture Partner

Neil Exter

Abbie Celniker, Ph.D.

Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D.

Walter Kowtoniuk, Ph.D.

Charles Homcy, M.D.