Leading a renaissance in kidney disease treatment

Goldfinch Bio is a biotechnology company that is singularly focused on discovering and developing precision therapies for patients with kidney disease. Just as the goldfinch has long been a symbol of healing and renewal and was a prominent figure of the Renaissance, Goldfinch Bio is leading a new age of therapeutic discovery to transform the treatment paradigm for people with kidney disease.

Year Invested: 2016
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
Visit: www.goldfinchbio.com

Recent News

October 17, 2017
Goldfinch Bio Announces Collaborations with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Augment World’s Largest Genomic Registry of Patients with Kidney Disease

October 3, 2017
Goldfinch Bio And Neptune Announce Collaboration To Discover New Treatments For Patients With Kidney Disease

September 26, 2017
Goldfinch Bio Expands Leadership Team With World-Class Preclinical and Clinical Expertise to Augment Company’s Unprecedented Investigation Into The Molecular Drivers of Kidney Disease

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Associated Team Members

Philip Reilly, M.D., J.D.
Venture Partner

Neil Exter

Abbie Celniker, Ph.D.

Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D.