Unlocking the Immune System to Attack Cancer    

Neon Therapeutics is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company leading in the field of neoantigen-targeted therapies and dedicated to transforming the treatment of each patient’s cancer by directing the immune system towards neoantigens. We have pioneered a proprietary neoantigen platform to develop neoantigen-targeted therapies using two distinct approaches. In NEON / ONE, these neoantigens are specific to each individual. In NEON / SELECT, these neoantigens are shared across subsets of patients and tumor types. Our most advanced product candidate is NEO‑PV‑01, a personal neoantigen vaccine, that is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1b open‑label clinical trial for patients with metastatic melanoma, non‑small cell lung cancer or bladder cancer.

Year Invested: 2015
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
Visit: neontherapeutics.com

Recent News

December 12, 2017
Neon Therapeutics Expands Board of Directors with Leading Experts in Cancer Drug Discovery and Corporate Finance

December 7, 2017
Neon Therapeutics Announces Clinical Trial Collaboration with Merck

December 5, 2017
Neon Therapeutics Completes $106 Million Crossover Series B Financing

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Associated Team Members

Cary Pfeffer, M.D.

Robert Tepper, M.D.

Robert Kamen, Ph.D.
Venture Partner

Stephen Sherwin, M.D.
Venture Partner