Redefining blood collection and analysis

Seventh Sense Biosystems’ mission is to change blood collection to make it painless, convenient and ubiquitous, in order to improve patient health and help patients become more active and engaged partners in their own care. The company is developing an array of products based on the company’s proprietary TAP™ Touch Activated Phlebotomy painless blood collection platform. The company’s initial focus is on enabling diagnostic testing at the point of care by reducing the pain, anxiety and inconvenience of existing methods used to collect blood samples.

Year Invested: 2008
Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Recent News

February 23, 2017
First-Ever Device for Fast and Virtually Painless Blood Draw Receives FDA Clearance

November 18, 2016
Seventh Sense Biosystems Raises Series C Round of Funding

April 13, 2016
Seventh Sense Biosystems Launches Pivotal Trial For Groundbreaking TAP Diagnostic Blood Collection Device

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Associated Team Members

Neil Exter